RCC-CW 2015

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Rules for Design and Construction of PWR nuclear civil works

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Purpose and scope

RCC-CW describes the rules for designing, building and testing civil engineering works in PWR reactors.

It explains the principles and requirements for the safety, serviceability and durability of concrete and metal frame structures, based on Eurocode design principles (European standards for the structural design of construction works) combined with specific measures for safety-class buildings.

The code is produced as part of the RCC-CW Subcommittee, which includes all the parties involved in civil engineering works in the nuclear sector: clients, contractors, general and specialized firms, consultancies and inspection offices.

The code covers the following areas relating to the design and construction of civil engineering works that play an important safety role:

  • Geotechnical aspects.
  • Reinforced concrete structures and galleries.
  • Prestressed containments with metal liner
  • Metal containment and pool liners.
  • Metal frames.
  • Anchors.
  • Concrete cylinder pipes.
  • Containment leak tests.

The RCC-CW code is available as an ETC-C version specifically for EPR projects (European pressurized reactor).

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