RCC-M 2012

RCC-M 2012

Design and Construction Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Islands. Addenda included n° 1 (2013), n° 2 (2014), n° 3 (2015) .

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Purpose and scope

AFCEN's RCC-M code concerns the mechanical components designed and manufactured for pressurised water reactors (PWR).

It applies to pressure equipment in nuclear islands in safety classes 1, 2 and 3, and certain non-pressure components, such as vessel internals, supporting structures for safety class components, storage tanks and containment penetrations.

RCC-M covers the following technical subjects:

  • Sizing and design rating.
  • Choice of materials and terms of procurement.
  • Fabrication and control, including:
    • Associated qualification requirements (procedures, welders and operators, etc.).
    • Control methods to be implemented.
    • Acceptance criteria for detected defects.
  • Documentation associated with the different activities covered, and quality assurance.

The design, fabrication and inspection rules defined in RCC-M leverage the results of the research and development work pioneered in France, Europe and worldwide, and which have been successfully used by industry to design and build PWR nuclear islands. AFCEN's rules incorporate the resulting feedback.

Edition available as of January 1st, 2016

2012 edition, with three addenda in 2013, 2014 and 2015

The 2012 edition is supplemented by two addenda (2013 and 2014).

Revisions of the code are aimed at integrating tried-and-tested international approaches as far as possible and allowing for the possibility of alternatives to the code's basic rules.

RCC-M latest edition 2015

2013 addendum

This addendum features the addition of a sixth section, entitled Probationary Phase Rules (RPP), in addition to the existing sections, which are divided into subsections, including general rules, components, design, examination methods, welding and fabrication.

As an alternative to the ISO 9001-based quality assurance requirements in Chapter A 5000, the first RPP introduces IAEA GS-R-3 safety requirements for nuclear management systems.

2014 addendum

It integrates 31 modification files covering every part of the code.

This addendum introduces several changes to European and international standards, thereby aligning the code with applicable standards and the latest tried-and-tested technologies. Changes include:

  • ISO 9712: 2012 for the qualification of non-destructive testing personnel.
  • The introduction of sub-size specimens for destructive testing.
  • The introduction of requirements for qualifying design methods in the chapter relating to quality management systems for manufacturers.

2015 addendum

The 2015 addendum includes over 40 modification files.

As an example of the different fields, this addendum incorporates:

  • The introduction of radiographic testing with Selenium 75.
  • The requirement for pendulum impact tests, including for low-thickness materials.
  • Design of finished elements for Class 2 valves and fittings.

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