RCC-MR 2007

RCC-MR 2007

Design and construction rules for mechanical components of nuclear installations

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Purpose and scope

The RCC-MRx code was developed for sodium-cooled fast reactors (SFR), research reactors (RR) and fusion reactors (FR-ITER).

It describes the rules for designing and building mechanical components involved in areas subject to significant creep and/or significant irradiation. In particular, it incorporates an extensive range of materials (aluminium and zirconium alloys in response to the need for transparency to neutrons), sizing rules for thin shells and box structures, and new modern welding processes: electron beam, laser beam, diffusion and brazing.

Edition available as of 1 January 2015

2012 edition, with the 2013 addenda

RCC-MRx latest edition 2015

An addendum to the RCC-MRx code was produced in 2013, incorporating 48 modification files to reflect feedback on the 2012 edition.

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