AFCEN Strategic Plan 2021-2025

AFCEN Strategic Plan 2021-2025

AFCEN, founded in October 1980 by EDF and Framatome, has initiated its first strategic plan 2018 – 2022. The arrival of a new president at the AFCEN in December 2020 leads to a renewal of the strategic plan and the commitment of a broad and shared discussion within the association.

The AFCEN 2021 – 2025 strategic plan is the result of this sharing. It builds on the previous work, adapting it to the current context and enriching it with a renewed vision of the place of nuclear codes in our industrial sector.

The mission, ambition and values of the association are reaffirmed. The strategic plan is based on three main challenges, complemented by a vision of the industrial nature of AFCEN activities, , and supported by a resource plan.

The analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats has been renovated. The main actions are then described, consistent with this framework.

To access the presentation of the AFCEN Strategic Plan: click here.