Errata reference Code editions concerned Version concerned Errata description Paragraph concerned Errata publication date Errata file
AFCEN RCC-CW Errata 001 2021, 2023 French,English GDEFN 4200 Variable actions
DCONC 1100 Thermal effects
Table DCONC 211061: modulus of elasticity of concrete
Table DCONC 9000-1: specific material criteria for walls and slabs of the spent fuel pool
DCONC 10000 Additional rules for the design of the airplane resistant shell, level I.1, level I.1 bis, level I.2
Part G General, CH1.4 GDEFN 5/12 Part D Design, CH2.3 DCONC 1/48 CH2.3 DCONC 5/48 CH2.3 DCONC 44/48 CH2.5 DPLIN 4/12 04/16/2024 AFCEN RCC-CW Errata 001-FR.pdf
AFCEN RCC-CW Errata 001-EN.pdf