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AFCEN is an international association. Its members are companies from the nuclear or conventional energy sector (when operating in the nuclear sector), whose activities are related to the technical fields covered by AFCEN codes.

AFCEN has two main purposes:

  • produce up-to-date codes offering accurate and practical rules for the design, construction and in-service inspection of components for use in industrial or experimental nuclear facilities (RCC- and RSE- codes),
  • ensure certified and readily-available training programs enabling code users to achieve a high level of expertise, knowledge and practical skills in using AFCEN codes.

AFCEN codes form a consistent set of rules that:

  • encompasses a broad spectrum of technical fields, including mechanical engineering, electricity and I&C systems, nuclear fuel, civil engineering works and fire protection systems,
  • has been evolving over the last 35 years to reflect changes in safety requirements, technological progress and international feedback based on users' practices,
  • offers an overarching approach to nuclear facility design and construction without specifically targeting a given type of project,
  • can adapt to the specific local regulations applicable in different countries,
  • helps unify and rally a country's entire nuclear industry around the same reference framework.

Codes are continually updated to incorporate feedback from international industry best practices and changes to regulations, while striving to achieve harmonization with the other nuclear codes used around the world.

This ongoing activity is driven by an organizational and operational structure in response to AFCEN's Quality Management Policy, whose key goals are to:

  • prioritize the quality of its publications, which contribute to the safety and economic performance of sustainable nuclear facilities,
  • deliver a fast response to inquiries made by users and interested parties,
  • encourage members and customers to adopt a safety culture,
  • disseminate and promote uptake of the codes, especially through training and information systems.

AFCEN codes are published in English and French.

To improve distribution and uptake by industry in certain countries, editions of AFCEN codes have been translated into Chinese and Russian with AFCEN's consent.