AFCEN’s international activities are focused on achieving the following key objectives:

1.Continue developing working platforms for the nuclear industry in each area where its codes are used, mainly the UK and China.
2.Pursue AFCEN’s development around the world: Asia (China and India), the European Union (United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.), South Africa and the Middle East by supporting projects in France’s nuclear industry.
3.Build on the industrial practice of international users (United Kingdom and China in particular) and the technical instructions for certifying projects that have used AFCEN codes as a reference (General Design Assessment in the UK for example).
4.Listen to the proposed changes to the codes voiced by participants in CEN WS 64, which contains leading players in Europe’s nuclear industry looking to improve their expertise in AFCEN’s codes.
5.Continue the policy of comparing AFCEN codes with the other nuclear codes within MDEP (Multinational Design Evaluation Program) and CORDEL (Cooperation in Reactor Design, Evaluation and Licensing).