AFCEN provides to the code users the « Interpretation Request» tool in response to questions about the interpretation of a paragraph of AFCEN codes.

The code concerned by this tool is the RCC-M code.

The history of responses to interpretation requests since 2007 of RCC-M code editions has been imported into the tool. The RCC-M subcommittee regularly makes available to the code users, the responses to their Interpretation Requests.

To access, just sign into your AFCEN account, go the RCC-M shop, Interpretation Request section.

You can find the interpretation you are looking for.

If you don’t have any AFCEN account click here.

How do I submit a Request for Interpretation?

Simply send your request to the Subcommittee concerned via the dedicated form: application form.

 New ! The RSE-M code also implements this tool since this summer: RSE-M IR Tool