2023 Greetings

2023 Greetings

Dear AFCEN members and experts,

I would first like to thank all the members and experts for their commitment to the association and for promoting the values of the AFCEN of Collaboration, Expertise and Responsibility. In a context of support for the operating fleet, nuclear renewal in France, Europe and internationally, AFCEN is more than ever at the service of the nuclear industry.

The work carried out this year 2022 demonstrates AFCEN remains very active.

First of all, the work initiated several years ago resulted in the publication of 5 new editions of codes in 2022: four major editions that incorporate a large number of modifications and feedback for the RCC-M (PWR Mechanical Equipment), RCC-MRx (High Temperature, Experimental and Fusion Nuclear Mechanical Equipment), RSE-M (In-Service Inspection and Maintenance of PWR Mechanical Equipment), RCC-E (Electrical, Instrumentation and Control) and an enriched edition of RCC-C (Fuel). The other two codes, namely the RCC-CW (Civil Engineering) and RCC-F (Fire), are actively pursuing work for a 2023 edition.

2022 marks the end of the ESPN "4-year programme” which has made it possible to support the industry (operators, manufacturers, ASN and GSEN representing the authorised bodies) in the application of the ESPN regulations in the scope of RCC-M and RSE-M codes. The activity does not stop but will continue from 2023 on the form of a portfolio of ESPN activities.

For the year 2023, we will continue to develop our strategic plan around the three major stakes identified: editorial policy, interaction with major projects, operators and safety authorities and finally support for the proper implementation of codes by the users. We will continue to strengthen our resources by welcoming among our members the best experts working in the nuclear industry.

On behalf of AFCEN, I wish you all the best for the year 2023 and look forward to seeing you at the next AFCEN congress to be held on 29 and 30 March 2023 in Paris.


AFCEN Chairman