Outcomes of 2022 AFCEN day

Outcomes of 2022 AFCEN day

I would like first to pay tribute to the work performed by Christine as General Secretary, she is leaving for a well-deserved retirement, I warmly thank her!
I have just returned from Japan and I have been able to measure the nuclear challenges there also with the expected return of several units to the grid.
In general, in the context of a climate emergency reinforced by reaffirmed sovereignty issues, new nuclear projects are multiplying around the world.
Mastering quality across the nuclear industry, renewing skills and developing expertise are key to the success of nuclear energy.
The efforts expected on standardization and training are justified by the volume of Nuclear New Build.
We must speed up our transformation because the level of demand and quality is increasing, which will generate a huge activity for AFCEN and for the sector.
The Editorial Committee produces codes and contributes to the effort of standardization.
The Training Committee supports the sector in increasing competency and proficiency in the codes.
It is necessary to put the AFCEN productions in a long term perspective: capturing the innovations and the best available techniques, supporting the stability of the technical reference basis of facilities operating up to and beyond 60 years. Codes must remain consistent with power plants of different generations.
Consistency accross the various model of nuclear facilities is also important: to standardize the facilities and the componentes that constitute them. The target is primarily Europe.

Our Strategic Plan provides us with key actions to achieve our transformation:
  • A better attention to the industry with the creation of a GIFEN AFCEN liaison to improve reactivity.
  • A better attention to the projects developed by the French industry, in particular the EPR2 project looking for design stability and the capability to meet the best standards, but also to the expectations of Europe.
It is necessary to support the SMR projects, the agreement with NUWARD™ being an excellent opportunity for AFCEN.

The ASN has started working with the Finnish and Czech Regulators on the licensing of NUWARD™.
AFCEN codes are part of the SMR landscape, especially in Europe.

AFCEN codes are a tool for the selection, qualification and in competency of the nuclear sector. It is at work on EPR2.

Finally, AFCEN is a vehicle for bringing together expertise among members of the sector.

Let us remain mobilized for the success of AFCEN and the nuclear sector.

AFCEN Chairman